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1) Obviously is not necessary a particular apparel if not legacy to the season, but is advisable to use sporting and comfortable dresses because of the numerous hours in which it is engaged in boat. 

2) Binoculars not too much heavy and with the maximum blowup of 8x, waves to avoid that the instability of the boat compromises the clearness of an image too much magnified. 

3) Videocamera and fotocamera. The sights in sea can be more satisfactory (for the scientific outcomes and also for our pleasure) if adequately equipped from photographic or video documentation.

The greater part of the existing equipments in commerce is in a position to offering images of good quality, we will limit therefore to give you some simple suggestion for one better realization.


- Do not zoom too much (the instability of the boat on which you are could render the image moved ).


- Bigangle for photographing dolphins under the boat. 

- Telephoto lens (200 max 300 milimeter) for the images to distance 

- Better to underexpose a little in order to photograph the dolphins to prow (the blue sea risks to overexpose). 

- Better to overexpose a little if the background (the sky and the sea) is much luminosity.


- To use (if present in the apparatus) the dataprinter. 

- Do not film neither to photograph in backlighting (forgiveness many particular on the coloration).

Always remembered that it is better to take a video or to take photos as soon as you have the sight without to hope itself in an ulterior approach, that could not happen. Moreover the quality of the material is sure important, but it is better to produce a bad one than nothing (often in fact regarding with calm the material produced during a sight let us understand of how many errors of appraisal we make with the simple surveys to sight). 

4) Cannot lack in the equipment of good whale-watcher a note-book in order to annotate the data of the sight or still better our cards (acknowledgment card - sight card).

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