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whale watching "self made"

Although, for reasons of own emergency and of the animals, he is advisable to let you guide by experts in the observation of the cetaceans in general and of the whales in particular, for who voluntarily or incidently would have to come in contact with these magnificent animals, is necessary the observation of one series of important compulsory rules.  


Rules for the approach

1. It'a useful to have always in your mind that we are intruders, and that therefore you have to conform yourself to the rules of the household without that they are forced to modify the own habits. 

2. It goes moreover held present that the natural curiosity that marks the intelligent cetaceans let them being the first to get close to the boats (in order to perhaps make a "uman watching"). It absolutely does not have therefore to throw in saddlings that would force the mammals to plunge subtrahending them to our sight and, would force them to more and more short immersions provoking panic to them, but is necessary or to continue for the own indicated route like to successive point 3 or to attend that they get close to us for first. 

3. The better way in order to find and not to lose sight of the cetaceans is to maintain one moreover broken off and a constant speed, trying, above all if equipped of motor boat, not to strike the water with the hull (that provokes noises that can turn out annoying the inhabitants of the submarine world). If a shoal had to be found to us right in the middle it is necessary to observe the previous rules rigorously in order to avoid that a variation of the route or the speed of our boat can separate the members of the shoal quite or injure them, it this case it's necessary to immediately put in crowds the propeller. 

4. A still greater attention will be necessary in the case in which we meet one mother with the baby. The puppies in fact come instructd to the swim from the mother with one lower speed of the normal and with an intense physical contact. 

5. It is necessary to know that one of the main reasons for which it has been created the sanctuary is to guarantee to the cetaceans a sure and not polluted ambient. The pollution (chemical and acoustic) can above all be carried indifferently from the great ships or also from small boats if in great number. 

6. Above all with motor boats is necessary to respect a distance of emergency for the animals at least 50 meters.



  1. avoid the maneuvers that can hinder the movements of the cetaceans, modify the natural behavior or to carry to a collision 

  2. don't chase the animals or direct the boat directly on they 

  3. extinguish the motors if the cetaceans are firm with gradual lessening of the number of turns of the motor or if they are in motion maintain a speed and a broken off constant without abrupt variations 

  4. don't get close when they are accompanied from babies; don't carry out maneuvers that can separate the mothers from puppies 

  5. be sure that there are not other boats in the beam of 100 meters from the cetaceans and not more than 3 within 200 meters

  6. don't get close less than 50 meters from the animals

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