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African Marine Mammals
American Cetacean Society
American Society of Mammologists
Brazilian Right Whale Project
Center For Whale Research
Centre de Recherche sur les Mammifères Marins
Cetacean Society International
European Association for Aquatic Mammals
European Cetacean Society
Fondazione Cetacea
ICRAM - Central Institute for Applied Marine Research, Italy
International Marine Mammal Association Inc. (IMMA Inc.)
International Whaling Commission
MARMAM (e-mail discussion list)
Monachus Guardian
OceanFutures (Free Willy Keiko Foundation & Jean-Michel Cousteau)
Pacific Cetacean Group
Sea Mammal Research Unit
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Society for Marine Mammalogy
The Dolphin Society
The Institute For Cetacean Research (ICR)
The Marine Mammal Center
The Oceania Project
The Orca Foundation
Tethys Research Institute
West Coast Anti-Whaling Society
Whale Conservation Institute
Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society
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