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The main stages towards the Sanctuary recognition 

1989 - the first official proposals come from Europe Conservation and the Tethis institute of research with the plan "Pelagos" whose declared objective aims to the creation of a "Pelagic international Sanctuary". It follows the ready adhesion to the initiative from part of the WWF and Greenpeace, from always engaged for the safeguard of the ambient and the animal world.

1991 - The D.M. 22 May 1991 "Discipline in temporary way of the fishing with net" and successive modifications, previews the institution of one zone of biological protection ("sanctuary" for the protection of the cetaceans) in the area of the Ligurian Sea.

It comes forbidden the use of trawl-net (historical enemy of the cetaceans) with provision of the Ministry for the Merchant marine and thanks to the engagement of the Ligurian Harbor Master's Offices it comes guaranteed the observance of such prohibition (with the seizure of total 150 km of fishing net). In occasion of the Enep/Map convention between the countries whose coasts are on the Mediterranean Sea, the protection of the cetaceans becomes sanctioned like priority. 

1992-93 - The contacts for the institution of a course-ligurian-provenšal sanctuary between Italy, France and Principato di Monaco grow. A commission of job comes constituted and composed with representatives of the three States, the local communities, and with the participation of experts of the scientific, legal world and enviromentalist. Which produces the text of the "Combined Declaration for the Institution of a Mediterranean Sanctuary for Marine Mammalian" and through the work of enviromentalists and associations, in 22 March 1993, in Brussels was stipulated the declaration of attempts between the three States. 

1995-96 - Siglate come, the Convention of Barcelona against the pollution of the Mediterranean and the Bonn and Monaco conventions, after that started the agreement for the protection of the cetaceans of the Mediterranean Sea, of the Black Sea and of the Atlantic coasts and above all it becomes possible the institution of areas protect in international waters possible. 

1997 - The Italian state comes lively contested from the associations enviromentalists which accuse it of too much slowness in the comparisons of France. 

1998 - 25 March in Parliament in the law on the "new participations in environment", is proceeded to the location of the area to subject to protection. 

At 29 september the Italian Government is officially engaged to promote the cause of the Sanctuary with the governments French and monegasco. Region Liguria, Wwf International-Wwf Italy, Enea S. Teresa, I.C.R.A.M., Tethys, Institute of Zoologia of the University of Genoa, Aquarius of Genoa, Ligurian fishing and ambient Observatory, Regional Center Environmental Education, Harbor Master's Office of Genoa, regional Agency for the protection of the Ligurian ambient, marine technological Pole and C.N.R. sign a protocol of understanding in order to promote combined and co-ordinate actions for the development and the valorization of the sanctuary of the cetaceans; thanks also to these campaigns of international pressure reopen the negotiation. The regions begin to play an important role, in particular Liguria and Tuscany, through groups of study and action. 

1999 - The Italian Government and the Liguria Region strongly exercise one pressure on the French State which declares himself available to the definitive signature, that will happen at 25 November of 1999 in Rome thanks to the Ministers of the Italian ambient Ronchi, French Dominique Voynet and of the Principato di Monaco Bernard Fautrier. The birth of the "Sanctuary of marine mammalian of the Mediterranean Sea" does not have sure to be considered an arrival point, to the contrary a lot still must be made for the protection and the safeguard of the cetaceans and all the living animals that inhabit the Mediterranean

2000 - Ratification of the treaty from part of France and the Principato di Monaco. 

From the manifestation "living the sea" on the topic "the sanctuary of the cetaceans", than has been made in Andora, in province of Savona, from the 27 to the 29 september 2000 is gushed a hard lecture for the guilty Italian Government not to still have, with the exception of those of France and Principato di Monaco, ratified treaty for the birth of the sanctuary; all one has translate in a turned petition the President of the Italian Republic, to the Prime Minister of the Ministers, to the environmental Minister and the Minister of the Foreign countries, and is undersigned, between the others, from the Mayor of the Common of Andora, of the Tethys institute, University of Genoa, Association Flash, Aquarius of Genoa, Liguria Region and many others. 

2001 - (28 september) Approval to the Italian House of reprensentative of the law that ratifies the agreement on the birth of the Sanctuary. 



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