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Trying to help George


Georges, swimming with members of the Dorset public



(WEYMOUTH - England) - A bottlenose dolphin nicknamed George is in constant danger to be stuffed by boat propeller in Weymouth a populat tourist resort in southern England.

His attraction for boat propeller caused him to be injured other times.

The 10 years old male dolphin has lost his fear of human, so his life is in danger; he also has made sexually aggressive poses dangerous for swimmers.

The world Society for the Protection of Animals has called the former trainer (Mr. Ric O'Barry) that worked with the world most famous dolphin Flipper. He wants to try to let the dolphin follow a boat as far as possible from the danger zone up to the northern France.



Japan will start the hunting season


(TOKYO - Japan) - Saturday five vessel will start from their home ports in eastern and southern Japan for the whale hunting season (untill 23 september).

Takanori Nagatomo the spokesman of the Fisheries Agency said this year will be 260 the killed whales.

150 minke, 50 Bride's, 10 Sperm, 50 Sei (a species that was remained untouched for the past 26 years).

This research program will cost $37 million a part of which is paid for by sales of meat.

Opponents states say this is not a research program but a commercial one.



Trying to help Springer III°


(SEATTLE - Washington) - Springer eats 10 salmon every day she regained her appetite after days in which she eated only one or two fish (in some fish has been stuffed medicine). The spokesman of the National Marine Fisheries Service said she is in good physical shape.

Samples taken from A-73 will show if and when she could be moved to a netted off-cove on the east side of Canada Vancouver Island where her pod spend summer.

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Trying to help Springer II°


(OFF WASHON ISLAND - Washington) - Finally the young killer whale nicknamed "Springer" has been captured. She offered no resistance; has been placed on the boat's deck into a thick foam pad with ice to keep her cool.

She will be medicated helded in a pennel lagoon for acclimation. The National Marine Fisheries Service hope she will be reunited with her pod in late June or early July.

This operation when finished should cost $200,000.

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Now we take up a definite position


(SEATTLE - Washington) - 

Certainly the uman influence on the animal world has always been very strong.

Certainly whales and all the animals would like to live quite far away from umans.

Certainly whale-watching has to be done following careful rules.

But please don't say that whale-watchers are helping to push mammals closer to extinction.

This news, appeared on many U.S. newspaper, affirm that some Researchers said that noisy boat traffic makes harder for whales to find food using sound waves (the sonar efficiency decrease by 95-99%) the resulting starvation forces them to draw down toxin-laden blubber and so they die (Mark Anderson President of Orca Relief Citizens' Alliance). The Studies has revealed in Seattle sea the decline of the local killer whale population ("caused by pollution and boat activity").

Perhaps we are wrong but we think that the terrible problem of pollution is not caused by whale-watching and the boat activity is not only composed by whale-watchers boat.

We have always recommended to follow precise rules for whale-watching, if possible using sailing-boat; we think that many other uman behaviours have to be stopped before accusing whale-watchers.

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