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Baby Killer whale


(SEATTLE - Washington) - Do you remember this baby killer whale? (take a look below 2/3/02). It's a young killer whale separated from her family group. Now it seems to be active and eats regularly. It seems to have chose the wild life and not the aquarium as someone was suggesting. However expert follows her strictly and are ready to give her everything necessary. Waiting for the rejoining with a group of killer whales or for his solitary life.

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Marine toxin kills dolphins


John E. Heyning, curator of mammals at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, measures a dolphin found ashore on Friday.



(LOS ANGELES - California) - A marine toxin, called domoic acid, is suspected to be the cause of the death of 20 dolphins, founded death in the southern waters of the California since february. Domoic acid is produced by naturally occurring blooms of single-celled organisms of the genus Pseudonitzschia, and when came into the alimentary chain, sardines or other fishes, mammals and even men can be in danger. Scientists believe it has also caused the death of 70 dolphins in the 1994 and of many whales. 



Japan wants to resume importing whale meat


A Minke whale being dissected onboard a Japanese vessel, the killing could increase if demand for meat increases.



(TOKYO - Japan) - The spokesman of the Japan fisheries authority Masayuki Komatsu said that the approval of the resuption of the importation will be forthcoming. He said that until 1986 (the year of the international ban) the Japan school lunch was composed with whale meat, now the boys eats hamburgers and their grades are slipping. This news comes two months before japan hosts the annual meeting of the IWC. Obviously the conservation groups such as the IFAW said that Japans intention of agreement with Norway goes not only against United States (that has been pressuring Tokyo to halt it's whale hunt). 



What to do for the little Killer Whale?





(SEATTLE - Washington) - For some weeks a baby killer whale has been hanging near Puget Sound, nothing strange, but with him there aren't other specimens of his species; the puppy, infact, already known by biologist as A73, born in 2000 from the killer whale A45 has become orphan and his originary group is about 250 miles far in Canada. Experts asks themself what to do and the opinions are disparate. Infact someone suggest to leave tha animal where it is, so that it can survive if able to do it; The great part confute that the puppy, only 2 meters long, must be helped; feeding him (bacause the baby orca seem to digest her own blubber) or bringing him to specialized centres such as Sea World. We hope that the decision that will be took could be the right one.

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