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Unuseless by now the attempts of the crash crew



(Cape Cod - USA) - The specialists of the NOAA have repeatedly tried of approach the animal with a boat of approximately six meters (the whale measure nearly twenty) in the attempt to cut the cable that is slowly carrying the dead women. The technique that they want to use has been used for less noble scopes from the fishermen of the 1800 and consists in clinging to the whale, in order to avoid its tail will be proceeded to give her a powerful sedative in such way from being able to proceed with greater tranquillity, to the cut of the cable. The team of expert headed from David Mattila makes part of an organization (NOAA) much expert in the rescue of the cetaceans that has to just active already 50 successes in beyond twenty years of activity.  

related news 19/06/2001



Has begun the operation"clean sea"


(Liguria - Italy) - The initiative promoted from the Liguria Region goes ahead from three years and also this year is proposed of giving a beautiful one cleaned up to the ligurian beach in order to face to the best as soon as begun bathing season. The been involved localities will be 16 with different given in the arc of the summer, all it will conclude 15 and 16 september to Camogli. In the last editions always it has been in the order of some tons the amount of refusals collection. To the volunteers who will participate to the collection all how much will be distributed is necessary for the collection and for that they will be distinguished for the greater amount of personalized likeable collected refusals gadgets and gift. The Liguria Region will finance the initiative with approximately 150 million in order contributing to the creation of one conscience of the sea cleaned up in people and also in order to concur also this year to the allocation of the greater number of blue flags.  



Caught in a fishing net a whale risks to die



(Cape Cod - USA) - Deprived of hope the attempts of marine biologist that are in these hours trying to free a large whale from a cable that it is slowly strangling to wide of Cod Chief (Massachusetts) in the Atlantic Ocean; the enterprise appears is rendered still more difficult from the meteorological conditions without to count the fact that the mammal, of remarkable dimensions appears visibly exhausted. The cable is penetrated for ten centimeters in the meat of the whale provoking also one infection. The fates of the whale seem marked if it will not be taken part soon, therefore have commented Terry Rowles veterinary of the NOAA. The importance of the rescue attempt is given from the reduced number of whales of this species (right-whale - Eubalaena glacialis -) that they survive in the North Atlantic estimated in approximately 350 and from their low rate reproduction. The whale is a male of approximately twenty years, in the full load therefore of the own reproduction ability. The dead also of only one whale can constitute a terrible step towards the exstinction of one of the species of the animal reign, already object of the pitiless hunting from part of the man in the 1800.

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