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Baby Sperm whale died




(PIANI DI INVREA - Liguria - Italy) - A puppy of sperm whale has been found in open sea in front of Piani di Invrea between Cogoleto and Varazze; it's a very young specimen few months old. His body (4,5 mt.  3 t.) founded by a tug-boat willbe, after the analisis, preserved and exposed in the Museo di Storia Naturale di Genova. This event has been very discussed on the local newspaper and by the scientist because in the Ligurian sea in spite of the big presence of sperm whales it was 20 years that hadn't been found a died specimen.   



For Churchill $ 250.000


(PROVINCETOWN - Massachusetts) - Do you remember the sad reports we made about the Right Whale injured when it became entangled in fishing gear?

Unfortunately six attempts (between june and september) had failed and in september officials said they had lost contact with the telemetry buoy on the whale so that he was presumed dead.

The undertaking involved Center for Coast Studies, New Englan, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. National Marine Fisheries Services and Canadian maritime officials.

Salaries, studies, drugs and travels cost more than $ 250.000 but were necessary not only for Churchill but also for the knowledge of the rarest animal on the planet.

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