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"dolphin safe" label



(WASHINGTON - United States of America) - The United States Commerce Department is studying a "dolphin safe" label with wich will be marked every tuna caught without killing or injuring dolphins. This will be an easy and quickly way to import tuna labeled with this mark. The label will be certified by observer on the boats. Under the old definition, any caught using dolphins as target (this way helps finding tuna but, for the enviromentalist stresses dolphins to the point of "fatal heart damage") could be lebelled using the consumer-friendly label and could be sold in United States.

Enviromentalist substain that the USA Government is sacrificing dolphins for the sake of free trade and succumbing to pressure from Mexico (the major source of tuna) and that obserbers can be bribed or pressured to "look the other way" whan dolphins are armed with the million dollars in tuna sales. 

Various report substain that are between 2000 and 3000 the dolphins killed annually in eastern pacific during the tuna caught. Some tuna processor have pledged that they would not buy tuna caught by targetting and netting dolphins.



159 pilot whales stranded in New Zealand



(WELLINGTON - New Zealand) - Few days ago a 159 pod of pilot whales has beached on Stewart island 40 km off the south coast of New Zealand.

Many volunteers and experts has hastened trying to rescue the surviving members.

First of all they poured sea water over the beached mammals to cool them, then they pushed many of them in open sea.

Mr. Greg Lind, the spokesman of the Department of Conservation southern islands, remarked the good work that permitted to 39 members of the beached pod to move 4 kilometers out into open sea and to not return to the beach, "The 39 we got off were the only ones alive when the stranded pod was found around midday", "Overseas, such refloat efforts are rarely successful".

Whale strandings could happen when animals become disoriented or when a dominant animal leads others ashore or for illness or other types of trauma.

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