Fill in the form: Every filing-card can be used to signalize the sigth of only one specimen or of a group of the same species; we suggest to fill it immediately after the sight; it's not essential to fill it in every part for his validity, where you find an asterisk (*) it's foundamental to fill, however more informations you will be able to sign more useful will be your contribution.


*Date ___/___/_____  Hour ___:___ position and weather conditions
*Place of the sight: 

Latitude:                                 North - Longitude:                              Est/West


Sea: Calm O  Smooth  O Moderate O  Rough O  Very Rough



*species identification
Species SURE:                                                    Adult O  Young O  Don't know O
Specie DOUBTED: Approximative dimensions:

Coloration and/or drawings: Back                                                        Side                                                              Abdomen 

Dimension of the dorsal fin: Very hight O  Medium hight O  Short O  Rostrum: Big O Little O Absent O 

If in number: eventual differences with other exemplary of the number 

Other notes: 


number and behaviour
Sight of:
1) Singular specimen: lonely O  in number O
2) Group: Number (Exact or Max/Min)                                                                      Compact  O  Extended  O  
Presence of  babies: Yes O  No O
Movements: Still Slowly swim O Fast swimDirection of the cetaceans: 
Jump: YesO  No O  Presence at prow: YesO  No O 
Attitude with the boat and persons: Indifference O  Confidence O  Timorous O  Escape O  Other:
Observation duration:                                            Other notes: 


Photos YesO  No O  Video  YesO  No O  Other:


You Your boat kind of observation
*Name and Surname:  Name boat:  Guided O  Self made O
*Nation:  Kind of boat: Motor O  Sail O N. where you see an asterisk (*) it's foundamental to complete for every verify on you and for the validity of the signalization.
*City  Departing port: 
                                                   N.  Route: 
*N. Phone. 


PRIVACY: i assent the digital and manual utilization of my personal data by the staff of - only for statistic scopes, for the verify of the truth of the contents of this filing-card; i assent to the dispatch of a copy of this filing-card to organizations for the cetacean research (L. 675/1996).

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